A sneak peek into Stephanie´s dressingroom

Love this pretty face

I had the exciting opportunity to have a look around in Stephanie´s dressing room not so long ago! I´ve always been fascinated by Stephanie’s personality and the thought of sneaking into her dressing room have been on my wish list for a while. She has been teasing us with her beautiful collection of morning robes ever since I arrived to the Chateau, and that’s enough to start a fascination for her sense of fashion. As you all might know already, Stephanie is a ray of bright sunshine and her clothes are no exception. Here are some pictures of my private tour:


Stephanie holding up one of her own made dresses, this is a 17th-century dress that she made for the first party held for all of the Chateau owners in the series


Another dress made by Stephanie


Some of Steph´s many necklaces



View out to the garden


P1010183.jpgThe red robe is from Zara, I´ve already asked If I can inherit it P1010066.jpgLove the yellow dress from Preen by Thornton BregazziP1010169.jpg


P1010132.jpg54521292_799777767057861_1554243089831297024_n.jpgMadam Isabelle’s (Stephanie’s mother) old jewellery box. Here lie many beautiful treasures P1010143.jpgThis precious heirloom was given to Stephanie by an old ex-boyfriendP1010148.jpg


I absolutely adore Stephanie’s style. Her clothes really reflect her colourful and vibrant personality.  Every day at Lalande is a colorful day, especially with Stephanie around.


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