Finally take away coffee

A trip to Limoges city centre


love these old buildings

We delived Graham (Gillian’s date) to the airport today, and after Gillian and I had a lovely walk around Limoges city centre. I´ve been feeling very “left out” from civilisation lately. Just walking around in a vibrant city did a lot of magic. I got a few essentials and I somehow feel so much better! I do love living in the countryside, but it can also be a little bit closed off. Our day out was a proper energy boost. Thank you Gillian.


Pink and white blossoms everywhere



You know you haven´t been out for a while when you get ridiculous excited about a takeaway coffee. Gillian bought me a long wanted coffee while I was inside of Zara. You have no idea how much I´ve missed a big latte in a takeaway cup. In the area around the chateau there are no proper coffee shops, or well, it´s not that the French don´t drink coffee, they just like sitting down doing it. Also, the coffee is served as a tiny espresso. If you want milk, it´s usually served cold. Haha. I know that I`m a bit strange, but walking around in the streets with a takeaway coffee is one of my favourite things to do.



Tomorrow awaits another busy day. Michael and Ruth are here and it feels nice to have more people filling the house. I will spend most of the day tidying the attic. Next week we will have more than 30-40 people here. Everything needs to look tidy and organised (after my opinion). I´m also hoping there will be some blossoms outside before the guests arrive. Wouldn´t it be nice to have a vase of flowers in every bedroom? I hope I have the time for it.





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