1. What´s on your mind right now?

Money! Need to figure out how to earn more money.

2. What do you plan to do after your stay at the chateau?

My plan after Lalande is to go back to my original plan, go back to Norwich. I really really like the city and I would love to settle down there, well, at least for a little while. The city is very young and urban, mostly because of the university there. There is much to do, many places to go. New people to meet.

3. Hvorfor vil du være med på 71 grader nord?

Det er nesten så jeg har vokst opp med å se på 71 grader nord, jeg er så gira på det programmet. Jeg vil være med på turer, se Norge og bevege meg mot det litt ekstreme. Jeg liker høyder og bratte fjellvegger. Dessuten så ser jeg på programmet som en fantastisk mulighet til å utvikle meg selv og bli kjent med andre mennesker.

4. Hva gjør du om du ikke får være med på programmet?

Grine. Haha! Neida, da må jeg vel bare søke om igjen til neste år. Det er vel det eller bli kjendis. Det er jo også en kjendis versjon!


5. What do you like the most about living in France?

The obsession with cheese and wine. Being able to learn about a new culture and picking up a new language (slowly learning). I also like that people in this area see the importance of using their local’s shops. Plus, wine is really cheap here!

6. Anything you don´t like about living in France?

It might just be a local thing, but everyone seems to have a midday break here, it´s usually from 12:00-14:30pm. I find it hard to get used to and I always forget the opening hours. Another thing is the paperwork, there is so much paperwork. It´s insane. I work as an extra kitchen assistant at the local restaurant and I had to sign so many papers, and still, there is probably more to come.

7. Have you ever been to Australia and if not is it in your plans one day?

It´s been on my places to go for a long time. I have a friend, or I had a friend in Brisbane, that I meant to pay a visit. I just need to save up some money and get rid of my fear of snakes and sharks. Haha! I really want to go to Australia and New Zealand though, love a good Australian sauvignon blanc.

8. Would you come an live with me (Donna) if I bought a farm in Italy?

Hell yes!. Life is to short to not experience the Italian countryside.


9. What do you look most forward to in life?

Creating a family and settling down. Finding love and being loved.

10. Do you miss working in a flower shop?

Not really, but I do miss working with flowers. I would love to work with flowers in a different way. The flower-shop life is not for me, or at least not right now.


I hope you enjoyed these questions! Some are from friends and family and some are made up. Haha!

Night x








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