Why I´m always positive

 Hey pretty


Flowers in my bath

– A positive mind attracts positive things. Of course, happy thoughts doesn’t work all the time. Sometimes you should be sad and take time to be so, as long as it dosesn´t last for too long. I always give myself a time frame to be sad. That gives me something to look forward to and it also forces me to start a “healing process”

– I´m so excited about life and all the possibilities that lies a head. That makes me happy

-Never again depressed. I´ve been, as you may know, depressed before. Several times. I never want to go back to that state again. Having been depressed makes you aware of the “warnings signs” of a depression. I feel like I´m always on my watch tower looking for signs. If I sense a bad thought or action I mentally slap myself in the face

– I surround myself with people that makes me feel good. Good vibes only

– I escape people that are constantley negative. This may be on of my most shamefull sides. I´m terrified of being affected by people who constantley have a negative mindset. Don´t get me wrong, I´m not a selfish person. I will help people who are in need, but when it comes to people who choose to be unhappy, I`m not going to help them. That is a battle they have to fight for themselves



I loved this bath bomb from Lush, it´s called “sex bomb”

– I love myself and I always try to be my own best friend. It´s not always easy but I do try! If I´m struggling to find a outfit to wear and I´m getting discorauged of the whole process, it´s easy to say “God, I´m so ugly and fat”. That´s where I step in and say “give me a break, I´m a sex bomb”

– I believe in karma, what you give the world, is what you get. Not long ago I found out that I have karmic dept, my number is 13/4 and it basically means that I´ve been very lazy in previous lives. Haha. That is if you belive in these things! I´m a semi-believer, I think that it dosen´t hurt to follow the guidelines. Besides, it´s so much better to be happy and kind

– A positive mind will handle challanges better then a negative mind

– Life is too short to be sad, a cliche but for a reason.


Lush products from Stephanie. I absolutley love Lush! Thank you Stephanie.


Today, I´m going to do a bit of work and then relax with a movie in the evening. Tomorrow, Gillian is coming back and I can´t wait to see her! Next week Michael (one of the owners of the Chateau) and his girlfriend ,Ruth, will stay with us for a little while. I Like that the Chateau is slowly filling up with people. Keep them coming!

I hope you have a great Saturday.




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