1. What are your plans for this year and how long are you staying at the chateau?

My plans do change regularly, but right now my plans are to stay at Lalande all spring and summer. I might stay through fall too, but time will tell. I like being open for whatever comes along. Right now, I really love being here. It´s so peaceful and relaxing. I do have to start making proper money at some point, but I´m okay for now.

2. How´s dating life?

Not existing! Haha. I´ve stopped using Tinder and I´m not looking for anything either. I need time to focus on myself and what’s next in life. However, there is someone who´s trying to set me up with her cousin…

3. How´s the vegetarian diet going?

It´s going good, I feel like I´m eating very healthy. My body feels light and my digestion (yes, haha) is pretty smooth. I usually have porridge every day and also lots of vegetables! I haven´t reached the point where it´s boring yet, actually, I´m rather excited about my meals! Just need to cut down on the chocolate.


4. How would you prepare the perfect guest room (Stephanie)?

With lots of fresh flowers! Scented candles, but only the mild ones. Making sure the room is tidy and properly cleaned. Ironed bedsheets! Making sure the bedcover is clean. I always gross out by bedcovers when I´m staying in hotels, how often do you think these get cleaned? I would also write a personal note to the guests. Chocolate at their bedside table and sparkling wine in a wine cooler.

5. Do you miss Norway?

Yes and no! I miss my family and friends, I miss Lofoten, but I don´t miss them so much that it hurts. Haha! As long as I know that everyone is okey and that they all know that I love them, I´m fine.! Somehow I´m not one of those people who needs to be around family friends like my life was depending on it. I love my own company too much. However, I do miss my Norwegian paychecks and Norwegian culture. Long walks with Joanna in Lofoten, or 2(3) bottles of wine with Tiril.

6. How close are you and Stephanie?

Well, after almost a half a year with this remarkable woman I would say we’re getting close! We do talk about anything from Captain America´s hot beard to magic wands. We watch movies in bed together, both with our hot water bottles, cups of tea and chocolate. Oh, that reminds me that I´ve spilt chocolate on her pink and newly changed bedsheets. (At least it wasn’t the goji berries this time).


7. Do you still struggle with anxiety?

I´m telling myself that it´s gone and that I don´t need to make so much fuss about everything! I´m keeping my head straight and calm, I´ve also stopped reaching for a glass of wine every time my head starts spinning. I believe being at Lalande have done me well.

8. Are you worried about not having a proper job?

Nope. Life is here and it´s happening now. I started my first job at the age of 13 and have since then always had a job. I´ve done all the hardworking and less paid job there is. I have many years of experience working in the restaurant industry. I´ve worked so much and so hard, and I´m sure I will find a new job soon, but right now, I´m working on myself. I´m also working on this blog and other social media channels. I love what I´m doing now, and I am working hard to be better at it. There might not be a paycheck just yet, but it’s fun and it´s what I want to do.

9: What are you scared of?


10: If you could do 3 things in your past differently, what would they be?

–  Be braver! I wish I gave my bullies more of a fight. I wish I punched someone’s face instead of sitting in the toilet, crying. I also wish I didn´t spend so much time crying after school.

– I wish I could have spent more time with my aunt Ingrid before she died. She was my grandmother’s foster mother. We became great friends over the years and I miss her so much.

– Not fall in love with the wrong person.


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