Why I love being around Stephanie Jarvis

One of the most loveable people I know <3


I´ve decided I want to do a few regular posts from now on. At the beginning of every month I will write about a person that inspires me. My first post will be about the amazing Stephanie Jarvis!

When I booked my ticket to France I never imagined meeting someone like Stephanie. It all started in Norwich, September last year, I was visiting family for a couple of weeks. My plan was to find a job in Norwich and settle down, which never happened! During the process my friend suggested Workaway. Before I knew it, I was sitting on a flight to Limoges. I remember being so excited about getting the opportunity to stay and live in a chateau. Stephanie´s chateau!

Now, after almost 5 months of living with this remarkable and hilarious woman, I feel the time has come to tell you about her. Stephanie bought the Chateau de la Lande almost 14 years ago with her ex-boyfriend. Since then she has renovated and decorated the chateau, whilst also living a fun and admirable life.


so pretty

So, here is why I love being around Stephanie:

<3 She loves robes

and she wears them more than you wear your office shirt. Stephanie has a good collection of beautiful robes. She always looks stunning coming down for her morning tea, even if she´s just woken up and hasn´t looked in the mirror. Yes, she is that girl!

<3 so dam polite

I guess being British has something to do with it. She is always so polite, even if I break her porcelain. Haha. Sometimes I swear she pretends that she dosen´t hear the glass hit the floor. (Not that I break that much.)

<3 Easy to please

She always has the biggest smile and sweetest face. When I give her a cup of tea in bed, or just when she talks to her mother on the phone. Just a piece of chocolate or an avocado toast could solve world problems.

<3 Incredible fun

I think our age difference is around 16 years, but I rarely think about it. Stephanie is so fun and giggly that I sometimes think she is younger than me.


<3 She is a romantic fairytale lover

From an early age Stephanie decided that she wanted to live in a castle, and now she does. She loves all the epic fun that comes with chateau life and so do all of her friends. If prince charming came riding in on a white horse, all would be well.

<3 She keeps surprising me

I find it quite easy to forget that Stephanie is older then me, and more experienced. She is so incredibly smart, compassionate and dedicated. She always seems to impress me, whether it´s jumpstarting a car, singing opera or playing the piano.

<3 Happy when upset

Sometimes when Stephanie says she is in a bad mood she has the lightest and cutest voice. It´s hard to believe she´s really sad!


<3 Patience

She is one incredibly patient woman, especially with other people. The other day she sat in the car waiting for me to finish some food shopping. I think was gone a good hour.

<3 Ambitious as hell

If there´s one thing that I adore about people, it´s ambition. There is something about people that have that extra gear and determination to reach their dreams. Stephanie is one of those people.



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  1. Hej Marie,
    Spændende at følge dig og tak fordi du nævnte workaway, nu er jeg også medlem😉👍
    Jeg håber en dag at kunne opholde mig på et fantastisk slot i Frankrig også👍!
    Ha’ det godt og nyd hvert et åndedrag!


  2. What a lovely and genuine sentiment. I enjoy all your contributions , you are a vivacious girl with I think an e citing time ahead. Jennifer

  3. I’ve absolutely loved watching her vlog, and watching to see what you’ve come up with in the kitchen! I’m pretty sure Stephanie Jarvis is my spirit animal and I want to be her when I grow up. 🙂 <3

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