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Yaay, it´s Saturday



greens from the garden
Good afternoon from Lalande

We had a relaxing day so far, Stephanie and I have been at Emmaus (the charity shop) in La Chatre. We are looking for furniture to fill De la tour (one of the bedrooms that are being renovated). It´s slowly coming together, though Stephanie hasn´t found the right bed yet. Luckily, the next filming day won’t be before April. We still got some time!

Things are about to change on this blog. I´ve decided to start writing regular posts. Yay! Also, there will be more posts about travelling, retail, garden life, food and everyday thoughts. I´ve already written a list of 50 different posts, so things are getting serious here. Haha.

So here are my regular posts from now on:

:star: “Inspired by” – At the start of every month, I´ll write a post about a person that inspires me and why.  The first person will be Stephanie and the post will be out tomorrow.

:star: “THIS WEEK`S QUESTIONS” Feel free to send me a question! I will post this every week.

:star: “Garden life” Small or big garden advice about flowers and plants. I will try to do this post every second week or so.

:star: “My latest second-hand buys” I do go to the second hand’s shops quite a lot and I thought, “why not share my buys?” This post will probably come out every second week or so.

:star: “Today´s 3-course dinner” I cook a lot of 3-course dinners for the B&B guests her at the Chateau. I´ve decided that I might as well share it with you guys, cause boy, do I love cooking! It won’t be every day, but every time I cook a 3-course for guests”

I do hope this looks good. Let me know if you have anything to add to the list. Now, I have to get back to cooking. We are expecting 3 B&B guests tonight and they are having a vegetarian dinner. Have a lovely evening.





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