My latest second-hands buys

I bought a few summer dresses

I´ve almost forgotten to show you my second-hand bargains! Over the years I´ve started to grow a big fascination for second-hand items. Not just clothes, but porcelain, flower vases, vintage fabric and etc. Everything basically! There is something about the mentality of the older generations. Taking good care of things. People wouldn’t just buy new things if they got broken, they would fix them instead. I love that. Every time I see fabrics that I love I instantly get creative ideas on how to transform them, usually into beautiful summer dresses. If I could only rock a sewing machine. Haha.


napkins for your cocktail

Stephanie bought some beautiful napkins and we´re thinking they will go great with afternoon tea servings or as cocktail napkins. They are so cute.


A masculine robe

I also bought some new robes, summer is coming and it´s good to have a few thin robes to throw on when I´m going down to the kitchen for morning tea.

The camera crew left this afternoon and it´s been a bust day. We have started putting on the greenhouse windows and also started planting red sweetpeas. For lunch we had a proper picnic in the courtyard, there were sparkling red wine and a camera crew. Not one of my usual lunches, but it was pretty awesome!  After lunch, Stephanie and I went to the garden center and found lots of beauties. I´m so EXCITED about all the plants we got. We got a lot of bulbs, lots of seeds, lots of perennials, tomato plants, peonies roots, blue potatoes and lots more. I cant wait to start working in the garden!! Did I mention the Eucalyptus tree??


my new favourite robe

Right, I should get to bed now. It´s been a long day with filming and we are doing another session tomorrow. Night night x





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