When we´re not renovating..

Good evening!
at the kitchen table

I´m not the best baker, but I do like to make food look good. There is just something about eating dishes that please your eye. I baked this chocolate cake ‘cause we were expecting guests and I think I did it in 30 minutes. Love Google and all the help it gives me every day.


flowers from the garden

Chocolate cake with baked citrus and walnuts


Jo-Ann, Fiona & Stephanie

Yesterday we had a lovely visit from Fiona from Chateau du Masgelier and her friend Jo-Ann. Fiona is the superwoman who is being featured in this week’s episodes of Escape to the Chateau DIY. Stephanie and I think she is a fierce and glamorous woman, and we love watching her on TV. She is renovating a 12th-century medieval castle in the Limousin, just a small hour’s drive from Chateau de Lalande. We ended up having a long coffee date for almost 5 hours!! So interesting to share our experiences about everything surrounding the tv-production and the never-ending renovation projects. I think we even talked about ex-boyfriends. Haha! There is no stopping when girls get chatty. I really enjoyed tonight’s episode with all the others involved, well done all! So much inspiration to find in this series! Boy do I want to renovate my own chateau one day.




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