The day before filming day

Hey lovelies


I get way too excited about seeds

Another filming day tomorrow. YAY! I must say, I think its so intriguing to witness the filmings happening at Lalande. Since September I’ve experienced a few filming sessions and I’m starting to get used to it. Of course, it’s a lot of work and you have to be super flexible all day, but it’s so worth it when you can see the finished results so quickly. Having a camera crew can really speed up the work, I´ll tell you that.

I´m over the moon excited about this filming session, and that’s because the greenhouse is on the agenda. The windows are finally going on and I will finally be able to start using it properly. On filming day 2 they’re filming ‘de la tour’ (one of the bedrooms) as it´s being renovated. It´s going to look so pretty when it´s finished.


Madam Isabelle´s collection of seeds – love it

I might be a little late or too early for various seeds, but I will never know before I actually try. After all, I´m a florist and not a gardener, haha. Nevertheless, I´m so excited about growing herbs, vegetables and flowers in the garden. Tomorrow, Stephanie and I will do a trip to the garden centre, and of course, the tv-crew is coming with us! It´s all very exciting and a little bit terrifying. Haha.

Today has been a productive and busy day at the chateau. Since we have two days of filming coming up I´ve been cleaning and tidying around the house. I´ve even cleaned the fridge! There is something about having a tidy environment, it gives me so much mindful peace. I think I´m very much like my grandmother in that way.


cleaning time

Today, Stephanie has been feeling a little bit sick. Poor thing. We think it´s a mild flu and we decided it will be gone tomorrow. Fingers crossed.



view out to the courtyard

It’s forecast 22 degrees tomorrow!! I´ve already taken out all my summer clothes, I´m all done with winter. Looking forward to the warm days where a visit to the fountain is a necessary break.



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