My favourite shop in La Châtre

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I want summer and spring now

You know one of those days when you go out shopping and don’t expect to find anything good? And then you always find something! Today was that day. Stephanie and I went up “early” to visit La Châtre today. We ended up with lots of bargains and I´m rather pleased. Stephanie found a new chair for De La Tour and a  pretty mirror. I found a few dresses and a summer robe. Will show you all later.

We also got some beautiful fabrics that we plan to turn into summer dresses! Yay! I´ve always wanted to know how to make my own clothes and now the time is finally here. I will, of course, watch a few more Youtube videos on “how to” before I go ahead with the job. Luckily, Stephanie is amazing with the sewing machine and will be able to give me a helping hand. If it goes well I will update you on the process.



love vintage dresses


Jour D’Occase

This is without no doubt my favourite shop in La Châtre, its called Jour D`Occase and is owned by a man called Bernard. You can find it here. Bernard opened this shop in the 80s and he is still running it! He is such a lovely man and he always has beautiful and unique items for me to look at. It´s not super cheap, but he always gives me a good price. I highly recommend visiting this shop if your passing by. You never know what you will find.



Stephanie filming for her vlog

Alright. Our friends from Amsterdam is here and they will stay here until Thursday. It´s nice to have people back again, especially with this stunning weather going on. In a few weeks, Donna and Gillian will return to the Chateau and I´m looking forward to having them back.

Love Marie xx



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  1. thanks so much for posting this for all of us. the usual charity shop/brocante you guys go to in town the very large one, its a part of the group of shops, can you repost its name too? Merci Beaucoup Darla

  2. Ah glad you like the post Darla. The chain charity shop is called Emmaus. Its a heavenly place. Hope you get to go there sometime! xx

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