Out in the garden


Finally Friday!

We had another beautiful and sunny day here at Lalande. Mary Poppins (our wonder woman) came today and did a lot of gardening. When the weather is nice and there aren’t any pressing jobs inside the Chateau, we really love that she wants to help us in the garden. I might not understand half of what she´s saying, but always enough to understand the basics.

I´ve been doing a little bit of everything today, just the way I like it. I started the day doing research about all the plants, flowers and vegetables that we want to grow in the garden this year. I´ve especially been looking for perennials with flowers, always good to have plants who are low maintenance. Especially since not everyone in the house have green fingers. Haha. Now, I just need to crosscheck my list with what we already got in our seed collection. Can’t wait to get the Greenhouse back into order.


I´m also planning on painting this bench, along with the doors that go into the garden. These arches will also be painted. Cosy jobs ahead.


Mary Poppins

This woman is absolutely amazing. She has a way with here that makes you want to smile all the time. So positive and full of energy. I hope I one day will be able to speak French so that I can ask her about her life. That’s one thing I love to do when I meet people that fascinate me. I get so curious, I love getting to know people.



windows, ready to be put in

Right, a quick blog post today! Stephanie is waiting in her bedroom. We are of course watching another Marvel movie tonight, I think it is the last of the Avengers films. Good Friday everyone x


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