The annual Easter Party


busy day

Hey everyone!

What a productive day, I´ve been cleaning, painting, shopping and cooking today (housewife material?). It´s always so fun to go to the French supermarket or any international supermarket for that matter. Besides our regular things I also got some delicious stuff for me and Stephanies picnic tomorrow. Yay! The weather is supposed to be amazing and we´ve decided that we wont waste the beautiful weather by having lunch inside.

I´m still loving my new and green diet by the way. Not eating meat is strange, but very easy. I have no desire for eating meat. Even fish, even though I had shrimps the other day. I don’t mind eating fish or shellfish in the nearest future, but right now my body just wants to eat grains and lots of vegetables. It´s strange, but I love it. Even Stephanie doesn’t seem to mind all the roasted veggies, the hummus and the salads. Haha


Evening at Lalande

So, what is happening at the Chateau? Well, it´s still just me and Stephanie here, and we both love it, the silence, the giggle over our cups of tea. Right now we´re huge fans of the Marvel movies and we started watching one movie every night. It´s so cosy and I´m making sure I´m enjoying our time as much as possible. Soon, the Chateau will be full of people again and the atmosphere will be different, but very fun. The next exciting event at the Chateau is the annual Easter Party, and I´m so excited! Everyone has to create their own Superhero, cause that’s what the theme party is! Watching Marvels movies is a great source of inspiration since I haven’t decided what type of Superhero I want to be. All I know is that I want a long cape, preferably in a blue colour. Maybe some sparkling tights.



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