Natural things are good


Natural things are good

We had a beautiful day here at Lalande today, we had a picnic in the courtyard and I will show you pictures from our lunch, later. After lunch, I worked outside and that made me feel so peaceful. I also ended up lying in the grass surrounded by all the animals. Just lying flat while looking up at the sky. I´m enjoying my time here so much! I´m really looking forward to those days where I can spend the whole day outside, just doing gardening. Next week, the filming crew will be here again and that’s when the windows to the greenhouse will go on. I´m so excited. Tomorrow, we will look at a website for plants and flowers. We want to order lots of seeds so that we can start growing them in the greenhouse.

The picture above is from one of my latest photos´s on Instastory. Check it out here.


nibbles for our picnic

The last few days I´ve been feeling so tired during the evenings. I´m thinking it might be my allergies effecting me, so I´m not too worried! Got my allergy medicine now.

Right, we are watching another Marvel-movie tonight and I´m feeling slightly excited.

Have good evening everyone.

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