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the evil sheep and his followers

Sometimes living at Lalande feels so unreal, how did I end up living in this magical place? The weather has been beautiful today and Stephanie said we could expect up to 17 degrees this week! I want spring and summer to be warm and velcoming, and this is a pretty good start.

I had a very chilled Sunday, as they should be. Started the day with an avocado toast in bed, then I went for a walk up to our neighbour farm. The landlady is a lovely woman who showed me around in her the garden. We ended up having a cup of coffee in the kitchen while she told me about her love for animals and the history of the place. Her farm used to belong to the family who owned the Chateau for over 200 hundred years!  Love historical details like that.


Later in the day I and Stephanie had a dinner for two in the kitchen. We both love having the whole Chateau for ourselves. It´s a sensational and relaxing feeling. Just us girls. After dinner, we ended up watching one of the Avengers movies in Stephanie’s bed. Fun night.


I bought these wellies in Bergen 3 years ago and I´m so happy I brought them with me to France. I use them pretty much everyday and they make me feel a bit stylish when walking around in a wet and muddy courtyard. They are Ilse Jacobsen wellies bought second hand.





Tomorrow will be a proper Monday here at Lalande, while Stephanie is busy painting De la tour, I´m going to be rocking the laundry room. Actually, I´m a bit happy about the load of laundry that needs ironing. There is something about the feeling of having ironed bedsheets and kitchen towels. The simple joys of the Chateau life.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend.

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