2 weeks alone


had a pink buble bath today

Hey everyone.

I´m alive and full of guilt for not blogging much lately. What can I say? I´m full of excuses, but I guess the biggest one is that I somehow feel like my life is on hold. My phone. My precious. I sent it to Norway and all the way to Lofoten to get it fixed, that was in November. Luckily my friend sent it back to me, but that was a few weeks ago. If I would only receive it. Haha. One beautiful day, maybe. My phone has my icloud, my apps and also MY BANK! I have no clue what’s going on with my finances, and not being able to order contact lenses makes me feel a bit hopeless. Crossing my fingers for getting it back soon.

I´ve been alone in the Chateau for 2 whole weeks now, Stephanie came back last night! Thank god! It hasn´t been all that lonely, I´ve had Mary Poppins (our cleaner) and our old gardener, Bernard, on regular visits. I´ve also been organising and tidying around the Chateau. It´s something about being alone and having the opportunity to sort out things. I actually love being alone!


dessert – clementine carpaccio with baked clementines

I have also been cooking dinners for guests, and I´ve really enjoyed that. I have such a desire to apply for chef school and learn properly how to cook food. I don´t really want to work in a busy kitchen, It´s just that I would love to use the skills to create amazing dinner parties. Maybe run a small B&B. How geeky is that?

Things are happening soon. There is filming days, and a possible London-trip this month. Next month will be more quiet again, but my friend Joanna will probably visit! Boy, do I look forward to drinking wine and laughing with that woman.

Night night



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