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my breakfast from yesterday – culinary art school next

Hey lovelies,

I´ve had no wifi the last couple of evenings and I´m beginning to wonder if it´s going to ba regular thing. Well, I´m making sure to use the wifi during the days, I´m not suffering much. Actually, it´s been kind of liberating to have the evenings to myself. No scrolling through the internet, just silence. I love it.

So, I finally found my battery charger for my camera, been missing it for days now. Guess where it was, on a shelf, just above where it usually sits. God, sometimes I wonder how I keep myself together. Haha. Having that said, I´m enjoying using my phone for taking pictures, keeps it a bit more real. I might just continue doing it, and of course, mix it up with my fancy camera lens.


Today’s outfit in the courtyard today, Pj´s, white fluffy socks and my favourite rain jacket. All went well with the feeding today. Even brought hay to the sheep`s! There were a few possibilities of getting butted by the evil black sheep, but he seemed reasonable today. Don´t kill the only person who gives you food. Just saying.


morning coffee


today´s late lunch

Todays lunch, roasted veggies, pan-fried cabbage with pepper, and a lentil salad. So delicious. I already feel so much healthier after starting my vegetarian diet.

I´ve been organising and tidying the pantry today. More organising. Haha. My brain just loves it, feels like therapy. Sometimes though, I can start overthinking about what I´m tidying. Like if, I organise and tidy my thoughts will go, “this is how it should be now”, everyone has to follow the new order. Haha. It´s so hilarious, but also so frustrating. Cause, I can´t possibly expect people to keep up with me (neither, do I really want to either) If so, I would constantly be in uncomfortable situations. It’s amazing to organise, I like that I have that skill, but boy, do I need to be more relaxed about it too. I really need to accept things getting messy, and be happy with it.



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