Me and my bff


Hey everyone. I´m so happy today, my breasts are back to normal. Yay. Haha.

Last night the wifi disappeared and I had no wifi until this morning. I´ve realised today that I really needed to be disconnected. Sometimes it´s so easy to get caught up in this social media world, and actually, forget about life in front of you. I spent the evening watching a movie in the attic and I also started writing!. Me. I´m so surprised. The words just came out, filling the pages. It was so rewarding.

Today, I´ve just taken it slow. Been outside with the animals too. Just sitting in the sun soaking up the warm light. I´ve also been outside in the garden with Bernard, he came over and helped with removing some rubbish from the greenhouse makeover. He is amazing.


My and my BFF


hay for the sheep’s

It´s not easy to work without having any distractions. The peacocks are so fun to be around.


I managed to make myself a “latte” today. I just warmed up milk, added a cup with Nespresso and had a drizzle of chocolate on top. Such guilty pleasure.


last nights dinner

My dinner last night, brussels sprouts, red onions, sweet potatos a lentils salad. So yummy.

Right, it´s friday evening. I´m planning on drinking a glass of wine, maybe doing a cooking lesson (love teaching myself), and watching another movie in the attic. Maybe do some writing again.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


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