Our male peacock is so beautiful, this is the first time I´ve seen him do this. Spring is coming for sure.



listening to the waterfall

It´s so quiet here now, after Zeta, Andreas and Mary left. I kind of love it, and the wifi is so much better. I´m making sure I´m enjoying it as long as it lasts.

I went for a walk in the Chateau´s forest today. I´ve been a bit low today and I´m suspecting it´s just PMS. My nipples are so stiff! I keep touching them all the time like I need to tell them it´s all going to be okay. Haha.


Love walking around in the forest, gives me so much peace and energy.


The next days will also be very quiet, I´m organizing stuff around the Chateau. I have plenty of laundries to do. There also a few ceilings that are going to be painted. Lots to do.

I´m really enjoying my green diet by the way. I start every morning with hot water, lemon, vinegar and cayenne pepper. It´s become a favourite and I can feel my body detoxing. Love it. As food goes I´m constantly trying things out. Been watching a few Youtube videos. I´m roasting and frying lots of vegetables, my favourite for the moment is baked pumpkin chunks. My digestion is very different now, but in a good way. Haha. Also, something to love.

My evening will consist of veggie wraps and episodes of First Dates, but first, some more work.




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