Living with hypothyroidism


Is not easy, I´ll tell you that


I think I´ve asked Mary more than 4 times about what time she needs to be dropped off in Chateauroux tomorrow. Still, I can’t remember the time. Luckily, I think she wrote it on a message somewhere.

Living with hypothyroidism is doable, but sometimes I actually have to remind myself that I´m not a failure, cause having a thyroid disease will let you believe that you are. I  was diagnosed 4-5 years ago and since then, I´ve been medicated. Even if medication makes my life much easier today (and also preventing severe life-threatening depression, heart failure and coma), I still don´t feel 100% healthy.



I remember how frustrated I was, I was so hard on myself, and also very disappointed. I nearly flunked school and dropped out of several colleges. The shame was unbearable. Not having the concentration and focus while trying to study, resulted in several periods of depressions. It came to a point where I didn´t want to live anymore.

Luckily, I got some help. My life is now without any severe depression. What I´ve experienced after these years is that eating healthy is very important, along with exercising. I feel much better if I eat clean and avoid unhealthy, processed food. Unfortunately, staying on a diet haven´t been my strong suit. I have always gone back to old habits after feeling “satisfied”.

I think becoming a vegetarian will help me on the way to a healthier lifestyle. Of course, I won’t be able to stay away from all unhealthy food but eating more plant-based will definitely help.


It´s my 4th day as a vegetarian and I feel good. I´ve also been drinking hot water with vinegar twice a day, it´s so cleansing. A healthier and greener 2019 is coming up.

Love, Marie


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