Going green


spring, please come soon

Hey everyone,

I had a few days of just living and enjoying life, haha. It´s so peaceful here at the Chateau. We just finished a Lord of the Rings marathon! I´m a huge science fiction fan. We also had some B&B guests that also kept us busy. Good to be back at it.

I also decided to become a vegetarian. Yes, me! I´ve been eating meat and fish all my life and I have now come to a point where I want to live a more greener life. I want to feel more healthy and eat cleaner. I´ve tried many diets and I´m so tired of not getting to where I want to be (and staying there). My goal is to become a vegetarian with a plant-based and whole food focus, in fact, I want to make it my lifestyle.


So much beautiful porcelain at the chateau

I haven’t been very proud of my diet lately and that’s why I now have decided to try the vegetarian way. I want to feel and look more healthy, maybe lose some weight, but that’s not why I´m doing it. I want to live longer and be healthier! I´ve also experienced for long that I don´t like eating meat that much anymore, it´s more a habit than an urge. I guess I´m affected by the clean eating trends, the vegan diet. Everything that’s trending right now. But it´s also because I want to eat in a way that is more environmentally friendly. Also, I don´t feel like eating animals anymore. I´m not saying I´m going to be super strict about, cause I would still like to eat dairy products now and then.

I´m so excited to live a greener life in 2019. I´m not saying I will never eat meat again, but right now, this is what feels right. Besides, I don’t think eating meat all the time is good for anyone. I personally think that meat should be something you only have on special occasions. Anyway, I´m not an expert but I´m constantly looking up information and self-educating myself. I´m so happy about my choice!


they follow me everywhere

I´vee been doing some proper re-organization today, that I hope Stephanie will like. There is so much beautiful porcelain in this house, I´ve been cleaning and organizing it, all day. Still, there is more to do tomorrow! I kind of like organizing things, it’s so therapeutic. Also, there is something about knowing that everything is tidy and organised before a busy spring and summer.

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