More heat, please


salmon Rillettes

Hey.  How is everyone?

Last night I worked in a kitchen! Wow. The heat. If you have worked in a kitchen or around it, you probably know what I´m talking about (or maybe you´re the biggest fan of Chefs Table). In all my years, working in the restaurant industry, I have worked on the floor. Being one of the hardest workers, waiting tables. There is plenty of heat by working as a waiter. There is always a thousand things to do, especially in a busy dinner hour, but making and serving the food is a different type of heat, a heat that wants me wanting more. More heat, please.


le relais du facteur

There is something about serving food at the right time and with the right temperature. The teamwork. The creative side. I love it. Makes me want to work more with food, develop new skills and learn about the culinary arts.



 love the scarf

I worked 10,5 hours last night, working a catering for almost 70 people. We were a great team of 4 people, serving a 6-course menu. The hours flew away. It was a late night though, I wasn’t in bed before 3.30am. Feeling a bit tired today of course. Last night made me think back at last summer and my insane work regime. I would work from 9-16 in the flower shop and then go straight to the restaurant and end up working late over midnight. I would do this 5 days a week for months. I was a machine. No wonder I escaped to a Chateau in the middle of France.

Aright. I´m spending the rest of the day listning to podcasts and drinking tea, doing some work aswell. Maybe eat something unhealthy… Weekends. Good sunday.


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