First breakfast of the year


outside the Boulangerie at 7am

Morning, or good afternoon.. I meant to write this post just after 11 today, but sometimes the Chateau life can be quite distracting, usually just in a good way. Oh my, there is snow on the road. Snow on the road, and no winter tires. I went to the nearest town twice today, first to do the “bread run” as we like to call it, and second to do some errands. We had our first B&B guests this year last night, and before every breakfast we go to the Boulangerie (bakery) to get fresh bread for the guests. The road was so slippery today, and I change my mind about the snow. It can all just go away.


still looks pretty though



love Michael´s leather apron, and that he left it here

It feels so good to be back to normal, just simple things as preparing the guests breakfast is so enjoyable. I really hope I can do this on my own one day. Running and owning a B&B is one of my dreams. Being here at the Chateau gives me so much inspiration. One of the things I love about this place is that it is Stephanie´s home and not just a business. The personal greeting of the guests is so special and uniqe. So grateful to be here.


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