The greenhouse project


step into the “new” greenhouse

Hey everyone,

I thought I would show you the “before and after” of the greenhouse project, though it´s not all finished yet. There are windows lacking and the last decorations need to go in. We are also talking about putting in a sink. Nevertheless, there is a huge difference and I hope you all like the results.



As you can see there was a lot to tidy and organize..



Ian and Andreas build new shelving for all the pots, nutrients and other equipment etc. Not everything is organised yet, but we needed to save some of the work for the next filming.


We cleared the bed for weeds and added eggshells into the soil. This will make the soil more nutritious. I´m eager to grow a lot of different herbs her soon. Just need to get the windows back.


a new re-planting station


Zeta saved some of the herbs from the garden and planted them into pots. Succulents from the garden make the perfect decoration. So pretty.


rustic, just how I like it

We washed and stabled ceramic pots in this old wooden bench, that I restored. The boxes contain all the seeds that Zeta brilliantly organized. She also saved the last of parsley from the beds and planted them into these pots.


cuttings from the roses in the garden


bay leaf, lavender & sage from the garden


I´m so pleased with the results, doing gardening will be so much more pleasant in the future. We are doing some last filming in February and March and that will be the final reveal of the greenhouse. Can´t wait!


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