Finally some snow at the Chateau


love a proper breakfast

Todays breakfast, and it was a proper one. Fried eggs, bacon and half an avocado, so yummy. I usally have ceral for breakfast but I got up a bit late today and I was starving. Sometimes it´s more than okey to indulge in what you want.


It´s snowing and, in fact, the outside garden is completley coverd in snow now. Finally some proper winter here.



I´ve been doing lots of practical work today and I think the evening will consist of pure relaxation. I´m driving the girls to Limoges tomorrow while also doing some last prep for the upcoming B&B guests. The first guests of the year, good to be back at it.  The rest of the week will be filled with jobs in the greenhouse and inside the Chateau. I´m actually working a catering on Saturday, so excited. I´m helping Sylvain in the kitchen, we are serving about 70 people! On Sunday I´m taking Zeta (one of the workawayers) to the train station. After that, we will just be 3 people here, so strange. It´s not that long since we were 12 people around the kitchen table. Time flies, guys.


It´s just a small hour separating these pictures. I really hope the snow stays for a while.



love this coat i bought in a second-hand shop in La Chatre

I´t will be very quiet here until mid February, but after that all the girls will return from Venice. Yaaay. Then I think there will be more filming for the series and more renovations coming up. In the end of March, there will be a huge party here, someone hired the whole Chateau for a 70´s birthday party, how cool is that? Anyway, it´s therefor lots to do before that time. The whole Chateau needs to be tidy and spotless (at least after my opinion haha). I love starting preparations early, makes me feel in control, and there something about being ready and organized. It´s a satisfying feeling.


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