No longer dating + body confidence

Hey all.  How is everyone?

I´m actually feeling happy despite that I´m no longer dating Jamie. It was a little bit sad but it was the right decision. Anyway, I feel good now. Sometimes it´s not right to continue dating someone, that´s just how it is. I had an amazing time with Jamie, everything was so easy and uncomplicated. He made me laugh a lot and I don´t think it was for the last time. I will definitely see him again one day, but right now we both need to focus on what´s next in life.


 proud of myself

I feel so relieved now, and so focused. After realising that I´m not dating anymore I feel more focus on what I need to work on. Good feeling. Dating someone can be so amazing and fulfilling but it’s also so distracting and right now I want to focus on my life and what I´m going to do this year. One of my goals for the year is to put myself first and say no. I feel like I´m going in the right direction and that makes me proud.

Took these pictures this morning, no makeup or hairstyling and I think I look good. Love the natural look. Acceptance is so important to me, especially when it comes to my body. I´m done with talking myself down and making myself feel miserable.



I had a late start today. The last couple of days have been so hectic. The tv-crew left yesterday and we had 2 days of successful filming. Can´t wait to show you some sneak peaks of the greenhouse. I´m having a day off today because of the double hours lately. Tonight we are having a dinner party with all the amazing people in the Chateau. Good Saturday.







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