Brilliant people


I have been doing some really nice jobs today. One was finding some green plants and replanting them in pots. I´ve also done the last of the prep for tomorrows filming. Tomorrow the tv-crew is coming to film various renovations at the Chateau. The greenhouse is having a major makeover and I´m so excited to see the finished result. It´s all hands on deck during the filming. I can´t wait until Madam Isabelle gets back to see the greenhouse. She will be so pleased (I hope)!





I feel so much better today by the way, It´s amazing. Maybe the combination of brilliant people (really, they have taken such good care of me), exercise and being outside have done me good. I feel focused and inspired, inspired to write this blog. I want spring now. Please. I long for cut flowers and greens. After the greenhouse-makeover is done, I want to try to take some root-cuttings (?) of the peonies. After my floristry education I´ve stopped having favourite flowers (there are just too many), but if I had one my heart would go to the peonies. I love the texture and smell. So seductive. Anyway,  I will keep you updated if I´m successful. Hehe.



Chateau de la lande

On Saturday we will have a “goodbye-party”, some people are leaving and some are just going on a holiday. Its very exciting, a new beginning, a new year. I bet there will be new people around when spring is here. Interesting times ahead for sure.


Productive day

I replanted all the ferns I found in the forest. They will look so good in the greenhouse after the cleanup.


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