My heart jumps every time


Happy Monday Tuesday, I mean. The days just fly here and I have still been feeling a little low, BUT life goes on. I´m allowing myself to be a little bit sad, but not too much and not too long. Life is too important and exciting, right? I have a day off today and that feels really good. I went for a run yesterday (new and healthy habits yaay) and my legs are so stiff today. Actually a nice feeling. On Thursday and Friday, we have a another filming crew here to film various renovations, including the greenhouse. I´m so excited to transform the greenhouse into a beautiful space. Hopefully, the makeover will give loads of motivation for all future gardening. Haha.

So what happens next here? How long will I stay? I ask myself that question a lot, and the answer is that I don´t really know to be honest. I thought at the beginning that I could stay here until the summer, but my savings won’t allow that. I do have to start earning money at some point (like everyone else, I guess). I might stay here over spring and see where that takes me.


More of this weather, please


So hard to believe that Its still January

It almost feels like spring today (and yes, we do have a mole problem). Does anyone have advice for keeping the moles away from the lawn?



I´m not writing by the way. I thought I wanted to write this book but I don´t want to anymore. I think I wrote something about it here and I just wanted to update you all about that. Right now I just want to focus on writing this blog. I really enjoy writing here and especially when some of you readers contact me to tell me about your own experiences and that you appreciate what I write. Oh my. My heart just jumps every time. It’s so rewarding! Thank you so much for reading and sharing, I absolutely love it.

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