Slow morning



It´s getting colder and colder here at Laland and I´m afraid I´m not the viking I thought I was. Maybe being in the UK and France since September have changed my tolerance for cold weather. Haha. I don´t know. I´m so cold, luckily I have my electric blanket in my bed. Guys, it`s the best thing that has ever been created. It makes mornings in bed so magical.

Today I`m starting the day very gently in bed! I have to do some research for the greenhouse in the vegetable garden. I been wanting to tidy and organize that greenhouse for ages. All the window panels will be taken out and replaced with new ones. It will take gardening to a whole other level here at the Chateau. I`m so excited! So one of my jobs for today is to scroll Pinterest for inspiration and plan the decoration of the greenhouse. Fun job!


grey morning


Love my comfy pjs from Wish.


I love Stephanie´s selection of porcelain. Reminds me of my childhood, my mother used to have a similar but smaller shelf in the kitchen. I definitely want to have something similar in my future house one day.



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