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so happy

Hey everyone.

I´m so happy today, having a self-esteem boost should happen more often. Really. It can be such a high and, right now, I´m so high on myself. I love myself and I´m so excited about the future.

Being a new year combined with some broken hearts resulted in a Goddess Workshop. I figured what we all needed was a self-esteem boost. I stormed the internet for inspo and I found this website with self-esteem worksheets. I picked 4 worksheets that we did, you can find the links below.


a clipboard for everyone

Worksheet 1 was about writing down the things that make us beautiful. After 4-5 minutes we passed our sheets to the person on the left. After everyone had written on everyone’s worksheet we read all the words and sentences out loud. This is such a good self-esteem boost. Especially if you’re not good with accepting compliments. Getting all the focus and really listening to how beautiful you are by others can make wonders.

Worksheet 2 made us finish sentences like “I feel good about…” or “I´m loved by..” Again, so easy and fun. Every answer doesn’t need to be the deepest, in fact we all left some answers a bit more fun. It made us laugh and smile a lot.


the outfit was comfy but goddess style of course


Worksheet 3 made us list our wins in life. We had to write down wins from the first phase of life, so from birth to the age of 14, I wrote down growing up in the countryside surrounded by nature. Even if that wasn’t my choice I still consider it a win for me. I don´t think I would have been the same if I  had grown up in the city. I loved running around in the forest playing with my imagination. I also wrote down surviving bullying for 3 years during middle school. From the second phase of life I wrote down trying and failing college and not giving up. I also wrote down becoming accepting of myself and my life. That has been such a huge win for me. Becoming accepting of myself has freed me from a cycle of depression. Lots of my positive outlook in life comes from just that, acceptance in almost everything.

Worksheet 4, was setting goals. So important. The sheet makes you write down goals for the upcoming week, the next month, the next year and in five years. One of my goals was to start running again. I want to make a habit of running at least 3 times a week. I have done it before and I can do it again. Other goals were more specific towards my blog, like getting on point with Pinterest and writing more interesting posts. I also wrote down being more settled within a year. I want to buy pot plants and get a pink couch. Haha. The best thing about this worksheet was that we had to write down strategies for how we would reach our goals. Genius. After everyone had read their goals and strategies out loud we were supposed to swap the worksheets and let others add more strategies, but we never got that far. Too many Mimosa´s I guess..


We had an amazing day full of laughter and a few tears. More of these days, please.

Love, Marie







6 thoughts on “Smile like a Goddess

  1. This sounds amazing Marie! I love it. Did you plan out a programme of timings? What time did you start and finish? How long did you allow per exercise?

  2. I loooove your blog Marie. And I love the idea of a Goddess session !!!
    Can I get notified when a new blogpost is online? Couldn’t find where I can subscribe.
    And sorry, but the Norvegian text at the bottom of this page is absolutely a mystery to me.
    Greetings from Belgium.

  3. Hello Chris! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I am so sorry for my late reply!! I’ve been so bad at blogging latley!! I hope you are well. I think you can subscribe If you have a wordpress account, but I will look into It. Thank you so much xx Sorry about the Norwegian text! Haha.

  4. I so enjoyed your vlog. I am definitely going to organise a workshop. I live in France and many of my friends have recently returned to the uk. During the vlog I wondered who I could share it with. Took my dog for a walk and thought that there are a lot of people who I know,but not well. When the sheet is passed around if people did not know each other they could write what good vibes the person gave out to them. Thank you for sharing xxx

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