Smile like a Goddess

5 thoughts on “Smile like a Goddess”

  1. This sounds amazing Marie! I love it. Did you plan out a programme of timings? What time did you start and finish? How long did you allow per exercise?

  2. I loooove your blog Marie. And I love the idea of a Goddess session !!!
    Can I get notified when a new blogpost is online? Couldn’t find where I can subscribe.
    And sorry, but the Norvegian text at the bottom of this page is absolutely a mystery to me.
    Greetings from Belgium.

  3. Hello Chris! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I am so sorry for my late reply!! I’ve been so bad at blogging latley!! I hope you are well. I think you can subscribe If you have a wordpress account, but I will look into It. Thank you so much xx Sorry about the Norwegian text! Haha.

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