If I ever get married, I want to wear Cecilie Melli

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If I ever get married, I will do it wearing a wedding dress from Cecilie Melli. She has been one of my favourite Norwegian clothing designers for years now. I love the feminine style, the white palettes and the Nordic, bohemian feel. They are so beautiful, the dresses alone make you want to get married.


from http://www.ceciliemelli.com
one of my favourites

Maybe, one day there were will be a wedding and I will be wearing one of these dresses. Sometimes it feel so good pretending you´re a small silly girl dreaming.

Maybe, one day.







One thought on “If I ever get married, I want to wear Cecilie Melli

  1. Thank you Marie for such thoughtful, honest and happiness affirming ideas about yourself and your gentle way of encouraging others to live with joy and freedom, hopefully surrounded by lovely wild fields or flowers from anywhere! I would love to do your “Goddess Workshop” one day. I will do the gathering of ideas and questions and answers by myself first, then perhaps ask a group of ladies with whom I do gardening with every few weeks . I think they may enjoy the workshop too and are the kinds of people to have honesty and fun with.
    I so enjoy Stephanie and all the people you share your time with at Lalande.

    I watched a week or so ago as you left Lalande on your newest adventure in your little car and there was a feeling of both joy for your courage, excitement for your new venture , mixed with a little sadness that you would not be part of the “Lalande family” and it’s security any more. Nor producing all your wonderful meals either!
    But, you have obviously found your courage and your own wonderful plans for the next part of your life.

    I wish you everything good and fulfilling.
    I have enjoyed reading your blogs and admire your ability with English and functioning in UK and in France.

    I have several Scandinavian friends, Danish and Finnish and been lucky to visit them several times over our lifetimes. Of course I have been to your lovely Norway too. Some of my favourite travel memories are of the train ride from Oslo to Bergen during a really spectacularly snowy Winter, the Vigelund gardens in Oslo ( my favourite statue is of the little baby foetus on its head), the amazing city of Trondheim- I could live there with no trouble at all, and the wonderful building on the harbour celebrating all the ? Prize winners( how can that name escape me? But it has!)
    Must sleep now Marie! I do enjoy it when you incorporate eucalyptus leaves in your posies sometimes. Here in Australia it is almost Wattle Day – 1st September, when all the Wattle trees are resplendent in their pretty fluffy yellow “dresses”! Today, as I drove around the hills above Adelaide in South Australia, the wattles are really coming into best bloom.

    Wishing you an exciting new start and “rest of your life”, and thank you for the hours of happy times watching you at Lalande and all your pretty table decorations etc Marie.
    With many little virtual “hugs” (Hygge)
    Elizabeth Hansman

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