Saying no will be the hardest thing I will do this year



My sister told me the other day that she is getting married. My little sister. Guys, that´s so weird. She is 25 and I’m soon going to be 28. Time flies so fast and I’m really happy for her. I somehow wish I could be in the same situation but it feels so far out there. I have always fantasized about getting married myself one day, but realistically I just don´t see that happening to me. I’m such an optimistic person in every other way,  so why wouldn´t I believe that I would get married one day? I know, weird right? Anyway, enough of that nonsense.

This is the year I really, really need to put myself first, and I will. I´m done with pleasing people and always saying yes. Giving and giving without getting anything back is not an option anymore. That’s who I have been for the last years. I´m not saying that it´s a bad thing, but I´ve done it for so long now and it’s not taking me to the place that I want to be. I´m not going to turn into this evil witch that eats kids for breakfast, but I am going to put down my witchy foot. I take on so much hard work everywhere I go. I thrive to make people happy and satisfied, but that’s not enough anymore. I have to challenge myself more, I have to step out of  my comfort zone. I´m a bit scared because right now I feel like I´m standing in front this massive ocean and it´s all a bit scary and overwelming. But don´t worry, I´m a good swimmer, I think.

I ´ve always thought that people who say no are either selfish or ignorant, but are they really? Some of these people are just putting themselves first, or they are just spoiled. I also think that saying no is also about discipline, and I really need to stock up with that too. Haha. I don’t think to say no all your life is really healthy or good, but sometimes saying no is the better decision. How can you really take care of other people if you can´t take care of yourself? You have got to put yourself first.

Alright, enough of that too. I think we are having a party (ish) tonight as well. There is always a good reason to have a party when living in a Chateau. The next 2 days are my days off and I will spend them wisely. I will go for a walk, have a proper blog-boost meeting with myself and plan Tuesday’s goddess-workshop. Yes. I will tell you all later.

Have a great evening and thanks for reading. Really.






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