Today`s brunch



Leftover flowers and leftover food


Love cheeze

Today has been such a productive day, yaaay.

Cleaning and tidying up after Christmas is actually fun and a little bit liberating. Almost a bit satisfying in a way! The feeling of starting the new year with a clean house is heavenly, I love it. I know I´m a bit weird but I rather be weird then dirty.. Haha

Since we still have a lot of leftovers from the holidays, I took charge and prepared a brunch today. We ate a chicken salad with parmesan, I made some canapes with caviar, and we had some chicken soup too. There was also a generous cheese platter, you know, when in France.


my shoes from Wish is well used inside the house, so comfy too

I just scrolled down my instastory since September and I look so pretty in all the pictures! What has happened? Haha. Maybe it´s just me being cold and pale right now, you know being in January and all.. I want summer, NOW! I think I should put some self-tan on my face and maybe that will take away my tiny winter depression. Anyone else feeling a bit grey these days? Browsing through pictures since September made me smile. So much has happened since then. I moved from Lofoten in the beginning of September, then I was home with my familiy for a while, after that I spent several weeks in Norwich before coming to Chateau De La Laland. Things have changed so quickly the last few months, it´s a tingling feeling. I´m looking forward to this spring, this April I´m turning 28!  Exciting times.





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