Goals from Lofoten

I have a clear goal about what I want to achieve with this blog. One day I want to be able to work full with social media and to be free to work as I please. What a dream that would be. I want to inspire with a lifestyle who is real and genuine and of course adding loads of flowers into the mix. I also want to be able to travel around the world showing real and unique places.

Here are a few more goals:

– Reach half a million followers within 5 years, that will be in 2023.

– Becoming an international influencer with followers in Scandinavia, USA and Europe (first step)

– Start my own charity towards children and animals

– Have lunch with Isabella Lövengrip

– Buy and renovate a house in Norwich

– Publish an autobiography

– Study social studies

– Being associated as a “floral influencer”

– Collaborate with wholesalers and distributors within the floral industry

– Write a novel or two

– Design my own collection of glasses. I love glasses, water glasses, wine glasses. All the glasses, please.

– Collaborate with Cecilie Melli

– Travel worldwide for work to visit floral farms and see their production

– Giving back in every way that I can, helping others in need


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