Florals with Marie

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I´m alive! Hehe. How are you? I´m about to start making my next how I do my florals video. I am in love with this week’s flowers and I can’t wait to start! I´m working with pink peonies, white snapdragons and a soft pinkish Lisianthus. A very feminine bunch. I also handpicked a lot of foliage yesterday so I´m feeling pretty good about this one.

Anyhow. I have decided to finally start my Youtube journey. I think it is the way to go. I also feel the need to help people, to inspire others. Not just with flowers. I feel very passionately about self-care and mental health and I hope to somehow add that into the mix too. I have no proper strategy for Youtube yet, but I know I have plenty of ideas and I´m already working on my first “proper” youtube video. I´m actually loving the process of finding ideas, doing the research and scripting the video. It´s creative and I love that.

My question to you is, is there anything you would like to see on my Youtube channel? Anything at all?


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All the thank you letters for my Patreons are now sent off. It was so heartwarming to write to them and see them sent off. Without my Patreon´s I wouldn´t have allowed myself to spend the extra money on flowers every week, especially during these times. Because of them, I´m able to be creative and inspire a lot of people with the florals I make. I get a lot of messages from people who tell me how inspired they are by my pictures and stories. They send me pictures of what they pick in their gardens but also of their finished arrangements. I absolutely love that!

Oh, and please don´t feel like you need to be a Patreon. I don´t expect that at all. Florals with Marie on Patreon is not for everyone and I know that. However, I am so happy I am there. It´s giving me a push towards becoming self-employed while building up my wedding floristry portfolio. I think that’s a good thing.

Right, I´m getting myself a new cuppa and a little chocolate before it´s time to create this week’s florals.

Marie xx


My flower obessions right now from Hoek flowers

Hey, lovelies! I often find myself scrolling on a webshop from a big flower supplier. It´s my guilty pleasure, my window shopping time. Yes, sounds weird but I absolutely love it! So, I thought I´d actually share my absolute favourites with you. All these beauties are from Hoek flowers who are kind enough to have an open portal to their webshop. All photos are also borrowed from their webshop! I figured they wouldn´t mind as I´m pretty much advertising their flowers out of pure joy. If you see a special flower or greenery that you love, then I hope you feel inspired to either grow it yourself or, mabey you want to ask your local florist to order them in for you. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this little glance of heaven. Let me know if you like this post and if you would like to see more of them. I sure don´t mind scrolling at floral beauties. Hehe

As you can see, I love texture, greens and spikes of colours. Anything that looks slightly wild-grown is also a winner. Is there anything special you like? Let me know!

Love, Marie

Goddess training again

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I absolutely love these colours, the texture and the dropey look. It´s very me and very feminine.

Anyways. How are you? We had a bbq last night which was really lovely. I had 3 beers and I think my head is punishing me for it today. I can´t say that the sanding downstairs helps much either. They are doing the dining room floorboards today which is right below my bedroom. Hah. Oh well, it will look good in the end. I´m doing my floral video during lunch hour today, which will be great. Got more peonies to play with this time (coral ones), so I´m a little bit excited.

Otherwise, everything is fine. Just fine. I´m doing my best to run 2-3 times per week. I only go in the evenings when it´s a bit cooler. Somehow the pollen doesn’t seem so intruding then. I´m also doing a life “assessment” with myself. If you´ve been reading my blog for over a year, you will know that I did a Goddess workshop at Lalande with Stephanie, Gillian and Donna a year ago. If you want to read it you can click here. If you feel like you need some goddess training too, you can find the links to the spreadsheets that we used. I´m actually going to do it again, just to see how far I have come with myself, my dreams and my goals. Let me know if you try it too.

Hope you have a lovely weekend

Love, Marie


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I told you I would show you my sock mask. It took me about 2 minutes to make after carefully watching a youtube video. God, I love Youtube. Or just the internet. You can learn anything you want and it´s kind of free. Hehe

I´ve been having a few interesting days lately. Because of the heat and then the wind, my hayfever has gone over the roof. Here I thought I was done with it for this year, but no. Since I don´t take allergy medicine regularly (only when I need it), the pollen took me by storm. It was so bad I couldn´t go out of my room. I even had to barricade my doorstep with a towel. Haha. Luckily, I´m on pill number 3 now and I´m able to wander around without any immediate pain.

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Yesterday, I gave all my flowers away. They were kind of sitting alone in the basement and I haven’t been feeling well enough to use them. So, I made a couple of bouquets and gave them away. One to Gillian and one to one of our neighbours. Felt really nice, although it´s strange to not have any flowers in the house. I´ve had a couple of buckets of flowers in the basement for weeks now. Either from my harvesting or from deliveries. Oh well. It´s nice with a little break. There will be new and fresh flowers from Wednesday again.



Flower delivery from the flower hut

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This weeks flowers was delivered by The flower hut, which is my local flower shop here in Bury. I absolutely love the green palette, so wild and rustic, don´t you think?

Today´s been an incredibly warm day, I only left the house when it started to get dark. Heavens, I think I´ll need a couple of days to adapt to this heat. Well, I did manage to go for a walk, which was super lovely. I found flowers too and I´m wondering what to do with them. Hmm.

Anyhow, just wanted to say hello (yes, again). I don´t know why, but I feel as I´m slightly on hold and that I don´t have too much to share. Mabey it is the lockdown or maybe I have some cards in my sleeve. Hehe. Well, time will tell.!



17th of May celebrations

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Hey, lovelies.

Today´s been a great day, and so sunny and warm too. This is the 2nd year I´m celebrating the 17th of May away from home and it feels strange. I´ve grown up with celebrating this day! Walking in parades with our school, waving flags, eating ice cream and hot dogs. Being with family and friends. It´s a lovely tradition which is best celebrated with close family. However,  I´ll always celebrate this day, no matter where I am.

I´ve been working this evening, I had to finish the floral tutorial for tomorrow. All is well, I like how it turned out in the end. I have some pretty flowers in my basement now so I´m going to see if I´m able to make a wedding bouquet tomorrow. I need the practice but also more pictures for my portfolio. I hope to establish my self as a wedding florist here in the Uk by summer 2021. It´s all very exciting!

Oh, I have skipped the next delivery of Freddie’s flowers, so on Wednesday, I´ll be getting a “contactless” delivery from one of our lovely flower shops in Bury. You can check it out here, it´s called the Flowerhut. I think it´s so lovely that I have followed their Instagram long before I even thought about moving here. Small world!

Anyhow. Just wanted to say hello! Please let me know if there is something you would like me to write about. I feel like I´m a little “out of my game” and some direction would be much appreciated.



Glutenfree & microwaved

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What a lovely day. I´ve had the honour of working with these beauties today, although the chrysanthemum was a bit difficult (well, not my favourite flower, but one must make do with what one has). Right, my floral tutorial for Monday is almost done, just needs a quick edit. I love how the arrangement turned out in the end and I can´t wait to upload it!

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Processed with VSCO with kp3 preset

I´m going to spend my evening editing so that I can start vlogging again tomorrow.  I´m making a video about what floristry equipment that I use and what you will need for yourself. I think it will be a great video for all the floral lovers out there.

Otherwise, my weekend is going to be pretty epic: I´m going to the SUPERMARKET on Saturday. Yes, I know, a real treat! Haha. I´m also going to try to bake a glutenfree cake in the microwave (wish me luck). And Sunday will be a fun celebration of Norway´s constitutional day. I feel very fortunate and proud to be Norwegian, even if I´m not there.

Anyways, I hope you have a lovely weekend.




My flowers stay fresh in the basement

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I received my 2nd box from Freddie’s flowers today. Loved the colour palette, I´ll be using those flowers for next weeks floral tutorial. Felt super spoilt today because I still have the flowers from last week, they keep so fresh when they stay in the basement! hehe. I´m thinking of changing the delivery to every second week or so because I don´t want too many flowers at once. I´m going to give it a little think. I´m still mixing the flowers from my harvesting.

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Anyways. I did this cutie today. Loved the warm red, purple and pink combo. You can see a time-lapse video on my Instagram

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It´s the 17th of May on Sunday, Norway’s constitutional day! It´s a BIG celebration every year, even during covid-time. The Norwegians seem to be planning lots of home celebrations this year, which is so nice to see. I´m going to dress up and play the national anthem all day. I´m also baking (microwave style) and planning a Champagne brunch for me and Gillian. Can´t wait for the day when I get to dress up my own dining table with a linen tablecloth, candles, lots of Norwegian flags, flowers and my favourite porcelain. I´ve been wanting to collect porcelain from Royal Copenhagen for years, but I have always moved around and never felt like the time was right! However, I feel like I need to start soon, I´m almost 30. Heavens. Anyways, there is no dining table in the house yet, so I´m going to use a cardboard box which used to contain our new toilet! Haha. All good fun when living in a renovation project.


The picture is borrowed from Royal Copenhagen´s Instagram. Click here for inspo!

And here is me on 17th of May a few years ago. I´m wearing my national costume dress that my great grandmother made for me. Love this dress.




Peonies in my basement

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Finally peonies. I found them at Tesco this morning. You can imagine my utter joy when I saw them. I´ve already used them for a new IGTV video I´m making. I´ll be using them for another quirky floral tomorrow.

Anyways. It´s a beautiful and sunny day today, although it´s windy and cold. So strange after the warm weather we just had. I have booked my flights home for Christmas! Wiiiii!! Can´t wait to see my family at Christmas. Haven’t spent Christmas home for 2 years, so its about time! I´m sure the lockdown will have easied a little by then, however, time will tell I guess. I have told my mother and grandmother that we´re baking Christmas treats together. SO excited. Well, let´s get through the lockdown and summer first. Hah.

That’s all I wanted to say today. I´m pretty busy these days but it´s all fun. As I´m writing this post I´m realising that I´ve missed blogging more regularly. I´m promising myself to be better at it. Let me know if there is anything you would like me to write about.

Ps: I´m still adjusting around here, so pardon the unfinished design! 🙂




Handpicked vlogs out every week and why I´m on Patreon

Hey you! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am really flatterd that there is people clicking in here every day, it feels so strange. I some how feel slighly guilty because I haven´t written much these last months. However, I need to get over that. I love writing, so here we go again.

I´ts another day in lockdown and I feel very blessed as usal. While I´m waiting for my work to re-open I´ve been working with flowers. It´s been well over a month now since I decided I would get busy with them. From the first day of being at home I´ve had a to-do list. I´m working from morning to late at night, however it´s so much fun. I´m not going to lie, I´m so pleased to have all this time. Somehow I feel like I´ve won the lottery. Being able to inspire others with my enthusiasm for flowers have been so rewarding.

I´ve also started “vlogging”, yes, it´s super super strange but incredbliy fun! I´m also learning so much. Every week I´m making a “handpicked vlog”, which means I´m basically going out harvesting wildflowers with my clipper and iphone. I´m enjoying myself greatly and I hope that you will find inspiration to do the same. You can find my vlogs by clicking on here.

Besides from doing my “handpicked vlog series”, I´ve also started a new vlog series called: “HOW I DO MY FLORALS” . SO many of you have asked me to do turtorials so I finally decided I would do it! I´m loving it so far and I hope you will consider joining our floral community! I´m now able to get quality fresh flowers for my turtorials every week, just because of my lovely members on Patreon. I´m so greatful and so EXCITED, you have no idea.

“HOW I DO MY FLORALS” is out every Monday

“HANDPICKED VLOGS” is out every Sunday

You may wonder, why Patreon and not Youtube? Well, on Patreon you will have to pay a monthly subscription to access a creators content, on Youtube everything is free to watch. Unlike Youtube, Patreon is an ad-free and an enclosed platform and thats It´s exactly how I want it to be. I view Patreon as something smiliare to what I had as a child. I used to subscribe to a monthly magazine called “WITCH”. Hehe! It was basically about a group of teenage girls who had special powers, each with their own personality and they went on missons to fight evil while also living a normal life. Every month I would get a new magazine and I absolutley loved it. I collected every single one, they where so precious to me. One time I actually swopped one of my favourite jeans in return for a magazine that I had lost. Crazy right? Well, I loved being part of this “community”, on many levels I could relate to these teenage girls. I loved following their lives as I was living my own. Sometimes it was a great escape.

So, If you like the florals I do, my personality, the floral style I have and how I teach it, then you should join my Patreon page. Remember, you can cancel or pause your subscription at anytime.

Love, Marie


Supermarket flowers, tricks & tips!

Sometimes I buy flowers from the supermarket and thats totally fine. I think it´s important to feel well and happy in your own home, especially when we all have to stay inside. Fresh flowers gives me so much unconditional joy and I´m sure you feel the same way. Remember that you can find a lot of wild flowers and foliage in your area. Mabey you live near a field or a park? I promise that you will find lots of treasures thats “okay” to pick from.

I thought I would share some quick tips on how to find the best flowers and how to keep them at home:

At the supermarket:

  • Is there water in the buckets? If not, then that may be an indicater of neglect which will affect the quality of your flowers. (mind that tulips shouldn´t have much water, so they are fine with little or no water in the buckets)
  • Pick up your wanted flowers and gently turn them upside down. Look at the stems and the ends. Are they brown, slimy or bone dry? If they are just dry then that should be ok as long as they get a new cut and water. Are they fresh and newly cut, then thats a win-win.
  • Do you smell anything? Flowers like carnations starts to smell when they get really bad. Stay away from those!
  • Roses. Feel gently with your fingers around the flower head, are they super soft or hard? If they are too soft they will most likely drop so go with the harder flower heads.

At home:

  • Clear all the stems, we don´t want any leafes in the water because this creates bacteria.
  • Clean, cold water in your vases to keep your flowers longer.
  • A long and nice cut gives your flowers a better ability to drink water, which will help them keep longer.

I hope this will help you next time you buy some flowers at the supermarket.Let me know how you get on, I would love to see how you get creative at home. Oh, and guys, remember to support your local flower shop or marked when they open.

Marie xx

Exciting times ahead

The times goes by so quick. I hope you had a lovely Easter? I sure did! I´m really enjoying my days. I´m picking flowers, going for walks, practicing my floristry, talking to you guys and working on quite a few projects. While doing a little vlogging for Instagram I´m also planning to launch my patreon page within the next month or so. I´ve been wanting to create a community and a place for inpiration, florals and all good things in life. I will be doing proper turtorials on how I do my floral arrangments and bouquets, but also showing you amazing flower farms, taking you with me as I discover amazing flowershops, excotic flower markeds and God knows what else?! There are so many oppurtunities and places to discover!! 🙂 I dearly hope you will join me when I launch.

Anyways, I hope you have a lovely week. I´ll be busy with my florals, but I´m also making sure to educate myself while eating healthy and doing my regular exercises. Take care and stay safe my lovlies.

Warm wishes,

Marie xx

Loving this time

Happy Easter

Hey, and how are you?

My days during this lockdown are incredibly pleasent and I am very greatful. Love having all this time to just breath, think and do all things I been wanting to do for ages. I don´t know about you, but spring makes me feel so at peace. For every new walk I take I find newly popped flowers (which makes the inner me jump up and down, hehe). It´s already so warm, so summer must be around the corner.

I´m making floral arrangments from what I can find in our garden but also whatever that grows wild in our neighbourhood. I buy a few bunts of flowers on the supermarket, but not that often.

I´m dreaming of the garden roses at Lalande and I´m wondering when I´m next able to visit. Soon I hope.

I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I´m doing some more florals for Easter and also taking a walk later. Wondering if I can get hold of more blossoms.. The evening will be sorted with homemade curry, prosecco and Netflix.

Happy Easter xx

Home, but thats okay

Hey lovlies.

Hope your all well despite whats going on in the world right now. I’m at home as many others and I’m making sure to keep busy every day. My alarm goes off around 8.00am every morning. Keeping routines has become very important these days.

I’ve just watched Isabelle’s wedding on Escape to the Chateau DIY. So fun to watch after being a part of all the preperations. It was so warm that day and we had so much fun. I would do It again for sure.

Right, lets catch up later. Time for Netflix and a big veggie salad. Hope you have a lovely evening.

Marie xx

A little break

I´m taking a little break from the blog, hope thats okay. I´m all okay, just need to prioritise where to spend my time and focus. I wont be gone for long. Promise.

I´m on Instagram if you still want to check what I´m up to: mariewiik1

Talk soon lovelies x

Kettner´s house & cocktails with Jamie

Hello from Bratislava

I always find it so easy to update my blog when I´m out travelling. Being away from my everyday life makes me want to write posts about everything and anything, it feels so easy. Need to go travelling more often.

Anyways. I´m in Slovakia and it feels safe and welcoming here. My Airbnb is just a walk away from the old town and I seem to be in the middle of everything. I managed to check in early so I´ve had a very relaxed afternoon so far. I´m planning to go out and explore later. I don´t have any plans, just vague ideas of where I want to go. I´ll probably see the castle tomorrow and wander around. I´ve also been wondering if I should get a tattoo here. What do you think..?

My travel wear, very comfy and warm

I stayed overnight in London last night and I spent the whole afternoon in Soho. I really loved it there and I will definetly be back. So many Scandinavians there too. Weird. I also went to Kettner´s house which I´ve been stalking on Instagram for ages. The interior is so feminine and gorgeous. We had a few drinks in the bar, me and Jamie.. Don´t worry, we’re just friends, so great to see him again.

I had a bath and now I´m going to get dressed and head out to the old town. Hope you have a lovely day.


Bratislava and 1 night in London

Hey Friday

Hey. It is Friday and for me, that means another work-weekend. I have just had a few days off which has been very relaxed. Gillian and I have enjoyed whiskey and Poldark together. I am so pleased to know that we have another 1,5 season to watch. I want everything to end well but every time I think it’s going good it´s not. Francis just died and we were just starting to like him.

I have just booked a spontaneous trip to Bratislava, I´m taking myself and a light carrier bag. Nothing special planned, I just want to get away for a few days and see some European culture. I´ll bring the book that I bought a few weeks ago and give it a good try. Looking forward to sipping wine and dining out all by myself, just watching people and enjoying the surroundings. I´m leaving the first week of March and starting off with 1 night in London. Hmm. What to do? I would love some suggestions.

Spring is upon us and I´m so incredibly glad. Tree´s are starting to pop and there are white and pink blossoms to be seen about. I absolutely love spring, it´s definitely my favourite season.

I better get ready for work. I just wanted to say hello. Hope youré having a lovely weekend.

Marie x

The good type of single


From Sunday night. I went to a comedy show at the Apex here in Bury with Gillian and some new friends. The company and wine were superb, wish I could say the same things about the comedians. Hehe. Anyhow, how are you? I hope you’re not too fussed about Valentines? If so, I hope you get your self some flowers and open a bottle of wine. I certainly have. Not that I ever need an excuse to buy flowers or open a bottle of wine..

I had a day off today so I did a few errands in town. Got some pink nails too. So pretty. Weirdly enough I like them short.

Gillian and I went for some afternoon tea yesterday. So good, but very sweet! We had Jasmine tea, fizz, sandwiches, scones, lemon cake, macarons and chocolate buns. All glutenfree and vegetarian too, very yummy.

Bought some flowers from the Wednesday market. I also found some great second-hand bargains.

Marie x

Under process

Just to let you all know, I´m currently under the process of changing things around here. As much as I would love to be a high-tech coder or a graphic designer, I´m not. Things take time when you’re as indecisive as me. It will look pretty in the end.

Marie x

Not pregnant and tattoo talk

Hey Wednesday

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Processed with VSCO with av4 preset

Last night I dreamt that I was pregnant, had a baby and that I was a very bad mother. Clearly, my obsession with “call the midwives” has gone over the roof or under the ground. Haha. I´m having today and tomorrow off, which is heavenly. What do you do on your day´s off? I´m longing for spring, warmer evenings, bicycle-weather and the urge to buy sunglasses.

Since I wrote here last I have gone a little bit wild, I have pierced my ears, and what a joy of pain. Well, if you don’t count the fact that I can’t sleep on my favourite side, it´s all looking good. I´ve been wanting to do it for ages and I finally did. Yay. Time to be brave and carefree I say. I´ve decided to go back and get a small tattoo as well but mainly just because the tattoo artist is extremely handsome. Who doesn’t love a dark-haired, dark-eyed tattoo artist? Just need to find out where I want to have the tattoo. I´ll give it a few months.

Somehow I feel like I need to catch up on my twenties before it´s all over, luckily, I have decided that the thirties are the new twenties. I´m Just waiting for my medication to kick in properly. My energy is still not all back to normal and it´s making my regular runs a pain in the ass. I guess it could be worse, I could be on a really bad Tinder date. Bumble asked me why I wanted to delete the app and I simply replied: “Thinking of myself♥️”. Which is what I´m focusing on now. Me.

Oh, it feels nice.

Anyways, just wanted to pop in and say hey.

Marie x


Back on my medications

I thought I said goodbye to my camera, however, I found it while I was tidying this morning. It still works but the lid that keeps the battery in place has escaped. Hehe. I can’t say that my focus has been entirely devoted to my blog lately. January has been a weird month in that way. November and December were such hectic months work-wise and that combined with getting into a new job did take a lot of my attention and energy.

So far, January has been the time to rewind and think. To get back on track with what’s important but also to reassess my life. Am I happy where I am? or do I need to change something? Well, I do think I am happy and that I am where I am supposed to be for now.

Going off my medications did not go in my favour this time, unfortunately. I started feeling low and I was scared that my symptoms would get worse so I cancelled my experiment. Truth be told, I am absolutely terrified of being stuck in another depression. It´s been many years since I severely struggled with my mental health, thank god. I guess when you know what it’s like you will do anything to avoid it again. Depressions can take such hold of your life and you don’t really realise you have one before it’s over. So, I haven’t given up on the idea of replacing my medications with the right diet, but I do need more support and expertise. Searching the right knowledge will be a goal for 2020.

Anyways, I just had two days off which has been super lazy but great. I´m just about to head outside because my conscience is telling me to stop watching call the midwives. Hehe

The rest of the week I´m going to work but I´m also determined to go out for a few runs. I also need to find out where I´m going for my birthday in April. I got a few days off and I´m tempted to make a warm and quick escape all by myself.


A new year and a new decade

Hello Tuesday ⭐️

Hey! The new year is finally here and I’m feeling so blessed to be alive, healthy and happy about life. I hope you do too. It´s such a delicate thing, happiness. I hope I´ll never take it for granted.

I had the weekend off which was absolutely amazing. I needed to catch up with sleep and some Netflix-time after a hectic November and December. We just got a shower in the house too, which has made my life pretty heavenly these days.

I also had some proper time to go out for runs and do some long meditations, which makes me feel so peaceful and strong. Oh, and I have also stopped taking my medication. There is that. I’ve been taking medicine for Thyroid disease for many years now and It just came to a point where I had enough. The medications are making me very forgetful and my brain foggy. I´m doing everything I can to replace my medications with a nutritious and healthy diet while also seeking medical advice. So far, so good. Fingers crossed.

I haven’t gotten all my goals and “new years resolutions” sorted out yet, however, I do like writing down thoughts and directions. Here is what I have written down so far;

– Continue loving myself and do the things that I like and that are good for me, like spending time in nature, running, meditating, writing, eating healthy, see people I love, travel more, challenge myself more, go on adventures.

– More focus this year. I feel like this is a year full of opportunities and aspiration. I´m getting clearer about my direction and the steps I need to take to reach my destination.

– This is my last year in my twenties. I´m planning to make the most out of it and celebrate life.

Processed with VSCO with av8 preset

I´m spending the rest of my evening with My name is Anne on Netflix. It´s so cute and I can’t stop watching it.


My Christmas

Merry Christmas

Heavens, this Christmas has gone so fast and now its all about to end. However, I did manage to get some time to drink mulled wine and watch the Hobbit films. I always watch the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Harry Potter around Christmas time. It´s become my own little tradition which I plan to inforce on my future children too. Hehe. I have spent the last couple of days in Norwich, just relaxing with Stacey and Ryan, which was very heartwarming. It´s been so nice to spend time with family when I couldn’t make it home for Christmas this year.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas so far? I had brunch with Stacey at the Ivy in Norwich, which was a great experience. I loved the chic interior and will be back. Later on, we went for a small browse through the city center before we spent the rest of the afternoon at their house.

Love a warm jumper these days, wish I could wear them all the time

My bed. Waiting for a curtain rail to arrive so that I can get my curtains up

My Grandmother sent me this warm and soft PJ as a Christmas gift. I love it and had to wear it straight away, so soft and pretty

I´m going to bed early so that I can actually get out for a run before work. I need to sweat a little. Enjoy your Christmas.

Marie x


Days off

Yay, I got some days off and I’m currently staying in Davids flat with Joanna. We have been browsing through Cambridge today, which was a lot of fun. We shared a bottle of Marlbourough wine, had vegetarian and glutenfree pizza, ate crêpes (also glutenfree, I know. It was heaven) and talked and laughed a lot. Feels so wonderful to be blessed with good friends.

I havent realised properly that Christmas is next week, I’m actually not sure If I’m ready. Haha. Can we please postpone Christmas?? I have Christmas cards to write..

We also had a little boat trip around the canals, which was very fun. So many beautiful buildings.

Joanna is fast asleep and I’m just about to head to bed myself. It’s been a busy few weeks so I’m really looking forward to not setting an alarm for tomorrow morning. Our plan for Tuesday is to just relax, maybe go for a walk and go to a restaurant in the evening. Looking forward to It.


Now and then

Hey Monday 🍀

I’ve been at Lalande since Friday and it’s been a real joy to be here. Felt really good to see everyone and take part in various festivities. Had too much cheese but other than that I’ve been very good.

I’m home now and have spent the afternoon organising and packing out, which feels good for my mind. I´ve been thinking lately that I need to work on creating a better routine for my weekly runs and meditation. It is so important to do the things that you keep telling your self you want to do. I must tell myself more often.

I made a Christmas wreath and a garland for the mantlepiece in the winter salon. I had a glass of wine too, which was delish! I Don’t drink much these days, but I think it’s totally fine to have some now and then.

I just wanted to pop in and say hello, it´s been too long. Promise to better. hehe. I actually posted this yesterday without sharing. Hope you have a lovely day. I´m actually going out for a run now. Yay.


Christmas at Lalande: The Christmas wreath

The Christmas wreath

I guess a lot of you have already seen our Christmas episode on tv, however, I just have to show you the Christmas wreath I made for the big gate. I had some lovely help from Mattia, we harvested everything from the garden. We dried leaves and sprayed them in gold. Then the whole wreath was wrapped with fairy lights. It looked very dreamy, as it should when hanging in front of a Chateau.

I´m popping back to Lalande in a week or so to see Stephanie again but to also to see Mike and Claude too. Almost 8 months have passed since Mike talked about having his birthday weekend here at Lalande. Now the time has finally come and I can’t wait to play a part in the festivities. I might also have time to do a new Christmas wreath! Wouldnt that be amazing??

Here are last years Christmas wreath:

Chateau de la Lande

Can´t wait to go back!

Are you going to make a Christmas wreath this year?

Marie xx

Since last time

Hey Wednesday

the blue colour

It´s Christmas and there is no escaping it. Time goes so quickly, can´t believe I have to start feeling guilty about Christmas presents already. I always feel guilty because there is so many who deserves some love and attention, a letter, a small gift, a big gift, a phone call or better, just a visit.

Anyways, my room is coming along now, just waiting for the floor to dry. After the weekend I´m finally able to move in.  Can´t wait because I´m currently sleeping in the lounge downstairs. Hehe. I love the colour on the wall, it turned out much better than expected. I bought this wooden basket and mirror in a charity shop the other day. It´s so fun to decorate a new space.

Just had two days off, which was really nice. I painted some first coats but I also finished a few Netflix series. Balance, balance.

Christmas tree

The rest of the week will just consist of work, which is nice. Next week I´m going to Norwich to see friends and do some Christmas shopping. Fun times ahead.

Marie xx

Love living here

Hello Wednesday 🍀

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I´m back but not in Bury, I´m currently at David´s house in Great Chesterford. Gillian´s house is going through some extensive work these days and it´s best to just keep out of the way. The following week or so will be interesting, where to sleep, shower and eat. Haha!

Anyways, It feels good to hang out with David again. We went for a walk around the village this morning. The air was cool but the sun was shining and the sky was crystal blue. So pretty.

My holiday in Norway has been so loving, so precious to see family and friends. However, this trip made me think about how happy I am to be in the Uk. I already love living here and I hope I get to be around for a while. There is definitely something about the culture, people and the landscape that speaks to me.

Soya latte and Norwegian chocolate for breakfast, that type of day.

I have a day off today, which is good because I have some online training to do.

Hope you have a lovely day x


The stables

The Stable project

Finally, the time has come to show you all the “behind the scenes” on the Stable project. I absolutely loved every bit of this transformation. Stephanie managed to create a beautiful space for creativity and inspiration. One of the things I adore with Steph is her ability to envision absolutely anything. It wasn’t easy for me to picture a beautifully decorated art studio by looking at a dirty old stable filled with trash. Well done Steph.

Here are some pictures of the transformation:


Grant built a bookshelf by using timber from one of the outbuildings

The studio after clearing all the rubbish and cleaning the floor with a pressure hose

One of the heaviest jobs was to move these stable dividers. We wouldnt have done it without the great M-Team, consisting of Grant, Ben, Percy, Ian and Gerry. Anything is possible when having an Aussie, Kiwi, South-African and Scott(man) on board.

I spray painted the walls which were very therapeutic

We also painted all the doors

We brought down all the art books from the attic, they were Stephanies fathers books which made the Studio feel very special

Grant made this cupboard to cover up the pipes on the wall, using only bits and pieces from the outbuildings.

From the art retreat…

I havent actually seen the last episodes since I´m in Norway visiting family. Did anyone see me naked on tv?? 🙈 Hehe


Hometown vibes


Hey, or “Hei” (in Norwegian)

It feels amazing to be back in Norway. I’ve only been here for 1 day, but time has gone by so quickly. So many to see and so little time.

I´m staying here until Friday and then I´m going to my Mom and her husband for the weekend. I´m really looking forward to seeing them all and to see their new house. I believe there are gingerbread houses involved too.

Sture is watching the birds.. my uncle and aunties dog. Cutest thing ever

Tomorrow I’m seeing my amazing friend Tiril again. She has come all the way from Lofoten and I can’t wait to see here. I’m taking her to my grandparents for lunch and then we’re going to spend the rest of the day catching up. There will be wine.

Hope you have a lovely day x

No bathroom for a week



I actually have 2 days off now, wow, how did that happen? Well, I’m making sure to enjoy them as much as possible. The workers for the bathroom is in our house today, so that means no bathroom for a week. Yes, I will be brushing my teeth in the kitchen sink from now on. All fun. However, I am looking forward to having a newly done bathroom, especially since we´re also adding a shower. Yay.

I’m currently just waiting for the washing to finish and then I will go out for a run. The weather is cold but pretty, should be fun.

Sourdough meringue from the kitchen

Gillian’s room at the moment. She started on the floor yesterday, so It won’t be long before the painting goes on the wall. It’s getting exciting.

I’m feeling much better now, much happier than last week. I talked to my friend Tiril for hours on the phone the other night and that did wonders. I’m seeing her when I go to Norway next week. Can’t wait.




I want to know everything

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More sanding


Feel like I´ve been offline for a little while now. The days go by so quickly, which is good. Only 2 weeks until I´m back in Norway for a week! (yay). Work is going well, I really really enjoy the job and the team. I want to work all the time and I want to know everything. Don´t know why. Is it a Confidence-thing? Or is it my personality?

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I´m not as sad as I look. It´s just been a very busy and hectic month. Living in a renovation project will definetly challenge your mental state. Combine this with training and induction days + getting a virus, and you can easily feel a little overwhelmed. However, I feel humble and greatful for everything. Having that said, I´m looking forward to getting our heating installed. Haha

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with aga2 preset

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with aga2 preset

Not much on my mind today, or maybe I have, I just don´t know what to say, or how to say it.


To the Cotswolds


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How are you today? Right now I´m in Steph´s apartment in London. We´ve been watching a movie and catching up tonight. We had an amazing day yesterday, first lunch at the Woodsman with Mike in Stratford-upon-aven and then back to Mike and Claude’s house in the Cotswolds. I absolutely loved yesterday. So much delicious food and beautiful surroundings. Makes me want to do loads of road trips around the Uk. It´s such a great country. Here is a few pictures from our day:

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a bar trolley..

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Mike showed us around in his restaurant. They only cook with wood ovens which makes the food experience very uniqe and appriciated

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Absolutely loved Mike and Claudes home. It made me want to get a house in the countryside with lots of dogs running around

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I´m going back to Bury tomorrow while Steph is going on a holiday.

Oh, I booked my flights to go home. Yes, home to Norway. I´m going in early November and I´m so excited. I really need to see my family.

Hope you have a great evening x





Meantime there is Autumn



I´m alive so don´t worry too much about the epic silence in here. Haha. I´ve been with my new job for a week now and I love it. Lots to learn of course, but it’s coming together. I can´t believe I´ve been here a month already. It´s gone so quickly.!  Yesterday, I worked in the kitchen, which was fantastic. I believe it´s so important to understand every aspect of a buisness if you want to run it well.


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Other than working I went to a memorable work party on Monday. It was the first one for the whole group. Lots of mingling and too much wine. I don´t drink much these days so it will be a while to next time.

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As you all might know, I became a vegetarian in February this year because I wanted to eat healthier. Become healthier. I´m confident to say that I have achieved that goal. Slowly but surely I have taken the step to eat cleaner, filling my meals with mostly vegetables, salads, nuts, grains, healthy oils, plant-based products, fruits, berries etc.. However, If I want something I will eat it. I don´t restrict myself in any way. I eat the way I do because I love it. I also run 3-4 times a week. I usually go every second day even if it´s just for 20-30 minutes. I love the way my body has become stronger. More empowered. More proud. Slimmer. More confident. Happier.

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So pretty

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At home, things are happening slowly. My room is still not done. The floors and the painting are still on hold, but hopefully, we will get to it soon. I really hope that I get into a proper routine soon. I don’t like not writing here, it´ts just been a little busy in my head lately. My camera is misbehaving and my bank account is down to zero. Haha. It´s that type of fun xx



It´s all coming together

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Hey you,

It´s so nice to see that you are still popping in here while it´s been quiet from me. I´ve just been enjoying my new life her in Bury. The weekend has been incredibly chilled but lovely. Gillian and I have done work in the house. Yesterday, we finished the sanding in my room and we also managed to paint the mist coat. It feels good to see the progress of our work. Next up is preparing the floor, sanding it and then painting the wall, woodwork and ceiling. Other than working I´ve also done some preps for my new job. Lots of forms to sign and pages to read. I love being prepaired so this last week have done wonders for my ego.

The week will be fairly interesting, I´m getting started in my new job. So eager to start! Painting my room (yay). I´m also going to Norwich to sort out my application for a National Insurance number. I love Norwich, so I´ll try to make the most out of the day. Maybe I will vistit a few favourite places.. Mine are the bicycle shop and the Rabbit. Do you have a favourite place in Norwich?

Hope your´e having a good Monday x

My latest food obsession + more

Hey Monday

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I´m slowly settling in. This weekend was chilled but also fun. Gillian and I went to this massive car boot sale yesterday. Apparently, this event only happens twice a year, in May and September. The event was arranged at the Melford hall. Some good bargains, but I must say that France is better. Hehe. Much cheaper. Well, anyways. I got some very random things, like linen bedding and a lampshade.. Here are some pictures from our day:

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

Melford hall

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Gillian took me to the little village of Lavenham. A cute and historic little place, a must-go if you’re nearby. We had a coffee and lovely talk in the backyard of one of the tearooms.

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My latest food obsession, a big salad with spinach, pickled cabbage, almonds, beets hummus, olives ++. Yummy.

This week will be an exciting week. Gillian and I are going to focus on getting some work done on the house. I´m on sanding-duty all week. Hehe. Feels good to get this done before starting my new job next week. Oh, and the wifi-people arrives on Wednesday, along with a second-hand pink sofa. I´m thinking it´s time for Netflix… Recommendations are welcomed. Nothing scary, please.

Have lovely Monday



Yay Saturday

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How are you today?

I´m feeling happy and excited. Bury is warm this week and I´ve actually been wearing summer clothes. I love the long summer and I hope autumn will be as pleasant too. Since we last spoke I´ve managed to get a job! YAY! After a few interviews here and there, and one job trial I´m done with my job hunt for now. I´m the new Assistant Manager for a boutique hotel here in Bury and I couldn’t be more grateful. I truly believe that this job will be a valuable stepping stone for my future plans of becoming a B&B owner myself one day. I`ve worked in the restaurant business for over a decade and It feels right to move into hospitality, while still being involved in the restaurant environment (the hotel has a high-level kitchen). My contract doesn’t start for another week witch gives me some time to study the menus and wine lists. I do like to be prepaired. Hehe.

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I´m spending the weekend reviewing my contract while also weeding the garden. I had a slow start with breakfast and a cup of tea in bed while reading my book (one of my favourite things to do). Later, I spent a few hours in the garden which was lovely.

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Oh, I wanted to show you this flower shop I´ve been following on Instagram. Their called the flower hut and I just love their little shop. I finally got to see it for the first time yesterday. Highly recommended if you’re ever in Bury. The cut flowers, interior and staff are superb.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Right, I have some delicious olives to nibble on and a book to read tonight. Gillian is out with friends so I have the whole house for myself.


Back at Tinder + a new bank account!


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Thought I would pop in and say hello!

Bury-life is pretty good so far and I´m just spending my time settling in. I really like it here. I´ve been doing all sorts of things today, like opening a bank account and getting a library card. Haha. The job hunt is still ongoing but that’s fine. I want to take my time so that I´m sure to find something that I will enjoy doing. Other then appointments and errands I´ve also been stripping wallpaper from the lounge. Gillian has done most of the job, but we needed to do some last bits before the workers come tomorrow. They are sanding the walls and putting up boards/planks in my bedroom ceiling.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with q7 preset

I´m so grateful to be able to stay with Gillian, but also to help her with the renovations. I definitely want to do this myself one day, so learning different skills are a real bonus!

I´m spending the rest of the evening writing and reading a new book, I rented Lion by Saroo Brierley. Heard the movie was good. Have you read it? Tomorrow awaits more job-hunting and a Tinder date. Yes, I know. I was just looking and now I´m suddenly meeting up with someone. I´m not sure how I feel about it but I think it´s good to meet new people. Hehe.

Wish me luck,

Marie x

(Ps: I haven´t forgotten about my post about being a vegeterian, I´ve just been so busy lately)

Settled in Bury

Hello lovely

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I´m finally here. I´m so incredibly happy and grateful for my new start here in Bury. I already have a few ideas for new blog posts so stay tuned. I can´t wait to show you my life here. I thought I could start with my bedroom first. It´s a beautiful room with lots of light. The walls have just been plastered and I actually like it as it is now. The ceiling is up next and then the walls have to be painted. We´re thinking maybe a light grey-blue or a soft pinkish coral colour. Gillian bought me a beautiful bed from a stately home in Norwich. The mattress arrives today, yay! I`m planning to weed out the front garden while I wait for the delivery. That way we get a slightly nicer front house and I won´t miss the delivery people. Gillian is working the entire day and won’t be back before the evening.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

I absolutely love the fireplace, it´s covered with floral carvings which give the room a feminine feel. The mirror is bought in a charity shop for 8 pounds (bargain!).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Some gifts from Lydia and Anne. Sparkling wine from Alsace (one of my all-time favourite wine areas), beeswax candles and dried sage. Apparently, you can use it to “cleanse” your new home, so I`ll do that today. It´s supposed to be stress-relieving too. I found this interesting article about burning sage, you can take a look at it here.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Right, I have to continue writing some job applications. Hope you have a good day.

Marie x

Chateau de Gargilesse

Let me take you to a Chateau

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Hello lovely,

Stephanie and I went on a small outing yesterday and I thought I would show you some pictures. We drove to the little village Gargilesse who´s just a 30-minute drive from Lalande. Dana and Nicole invited us to go and see the art exhibition in the Chateau. We really enjoyed ourself, we took our time, there was so much beauty to soak in. The garden is absolutely stunning, something to be inspired by for sure. After we finished the viewing, we went to have a drink in one of the local restaurants. The girls had a white Valencay while I enjoyed a glass of Tonic water (my favourite drink these days). We wish we could stay for dinner but we had to get back to Lalande, haha. Dinner had to be served for the workshop. After, the students had a mini-concert. Such a great group of young talented people. Two of the students have just been accepted to CNSM de Paris (which tells you a little about the level of talent). Today is their last day here, there is another concert tonight and then we´re all having dinner together.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with kp3 preset

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with kp3 preset

my little ray of sunshine

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with kp3 preset

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Chateau itself I would recommend waiting for Stephanies next vlog, but you can also check out the Berry Provins information site, click here.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with kp3 preset

chapel in the garden